Returns Policy

You retain the right to return the purchased products and to ask for their exchange: 

A) At all instances in which by demonstrable and proved liability of the e-shop TAXIARCHES MONASTIC PRODUCTS different or substantially different products than the ones you ordered were delivered to you, 

B) At all instances in which there was a flaw in the product or an agreed feature is missing, under the condition that this existed at the delivery of the product. After the delivery of the product or the products, the buyer bears the risk.

You retain the right to return the purchased products and to ask for their exchange with another product or products up to the value you have paid or at an added value if you wish to within fourteen (14) days from the delivery of the product. The company TAXIARCHES MONASTIC PRODUCTS of Konstantinos Kermalis is liable to compensation in the case of a lack in an agreed product feature or of a product flaw, only if this is caused by the company’s liability, and as such the company is not liable for a slight negligence. In addition, in all cases the product to be returned should be indispensably accompanied by the original purchase invoice, which is the receipt of purchase. 

In all the above-mentioned cases, the products to be exchanged - repaired should be in the state they were received by the customer, complete and undamaged and with the original packaging, in which they are sent, in excellent condition and with all the documents accompanying the product upon delivery (e.g. retail invoice Returns that do not fulfil the above conditions are NOT accepted and returned to the customer. Before the return of a product, it is suggested to contact our e-shop providing details. Prior to any return, it is recommended to communicate with the online store TACHIARCHES MONASTIRIAKA either at 210 5727113 or by email at, stating all the necessary details.